Confiserie Bachmann - About us

Our company philosophy

Confiserie Bachmann has been a traditional company since 1942. Since the beginning of our company's history, we have always been careful to use the finest ingredients in order to achieve the highest quality in our products. All products are still finely handcrafted and refined with great care. We believe our name stands for quality and want our customers to feel that too.

Aurel Bachmann is now managing director in the 3rd generation and leads the company into a tradition-conscious but also modern future. We offer our customers a gastronomic experience, from coffee culture to a handmade piece of Basel tradition. We look forward to welcoming you!

Our Company History

Despite great uncertainty, depression and rationing of many foodstuffs, Anton and Lydia Bachmann dared to set up a bakery in Bruderholz in 1942 during the Second World War. Hardly anyone would have thought that this would later give rise to three branches, which have become the epitome of delicious confectionery art and delicacies for the entire Basel region.

  • Founded in 1942 by Anton and Lydia Bachmann. The first location was at Drosselstrasse 50 in Bruderholz, Basel.
  • 1947 New opening of a confectionery with tea room on the Schifflände at Blumenrain 1. Production remained at Bruderholz.
  • 1954 Relocation of production to Blumenrain 1, Basel
  • 1962 Acquisition of the Kümmin confectionery at Gerbergasse 50. Outsourcing of part of the production to St. Alban-Vorstadt.
  • 1975 The "Schoggiweggli" was created by Anton Bachmann and became a bestseller. Often imitated, but none comes close to the original!
  • 1980 The two sons Gregor and Philipp Bachmann take control and run the confiserie together.
  • In 1984, Confiserie Bachmann created the "Schoggi-Läckerli" for the first time and thus has a pioneering role in the variation of the traditional Basel Läckerli.
  • 1986 New opening of the 3rd Shop at Centralbahnplatz 7 in Basel.
  • 1993 The entire production is concentrated in the Blumenrain property.
  • 2009 Renovation of the shop and café on Blumenrain which re-opened at the beginning of August of that year.
  • 2015 Aurel Bachmann, the son of Gregor Bachmann, takes over the management.
  • 2017 Confisierie Bachmann celebrates its 75th birthday with its 60 employees and three premises.


Confiserie Bachmann AG,
Blumenrain 1,
4051 Basel, Switzerland

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Fax. +41 61 260 99 90